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Designing a Financial Stability Architecture for a Regionally Integrated Financial Space: The European Experience; useful for the Caribbean?, Gregor Heinrich, March 2015.

Independence of the Financial Policy Committee
- evidence for inquiry by the House of Commons Treasury Select Committee, Gavin Bingham, September 2013

A Framework for Financial Stability in Iceland. Report for Iceland's Ministers of Finance and of Industry by the Group of Three [Gavin Bingham, Jon Sigurdsson, Kaaarlo Jannari]. October 2012

Financial Stability: The role of the Central Bank of Iceland by Sir Andrew Large. October 2012

Finding ways of spurring growth: No time to compromise on stability by Sir Andrew Large published in the OMFIF Commentary. July 2012.  For more information visit

What's the FPC for? Speech at the Society of Business Economists Annual Conference by Alastair Clark.  24 May 2012

Symmetry: Should Macroprudential Authorities be required to stimulate credit and growth as well as to prevent crises? Some reflections for debate by Sir Andrew Large. May 2012

Building macroprudential policy: Why there was no Euro early warning by Sir Andrew Large published in the OMFIF Commentary.  April 2012. For more information visit

Macroprudential Policy: Addressing the things we don’t know by Alastair Clark and Andrew Large published by the Group of Thirty. September 2011

The Regulation of Financial  Services - Written evidence for the joint House of Commons/House of Lords Committee on the Financial Services Bill by Gavin Bingham.  21 October 2011

Central Bank Accountability - Written Evidence for UK Parliament by Gavin Bingham.  15 June 2011

Underpinning systemic stability –  the case for standards by Sir Andrew Large and Sir David Walker published by Central Banking.  November 2010

Systemic policy and financial stability: A framework for delivery  by Sir Andrew Large.  This appears in 'Future of Finance' published by LSE and a separate article by CSFI in June 2010.  For more information visit and

Think twice before splitting regulation by Sir Andrew Large published in the Financial Times.  23 July 2009

Central banks must be debt watchdogs by Sir Andrew Large published in the Financial Times with editorial. 9 January 2009